Making Those Women Chase You Around

I used to be chasing after girls all the time. Any new girl I dated, I’d immediately fall head over heels with and shower her with love and try to win her over. A lot of times it just scared them away, too much too soon. Then I realized I was going about it all wrong. What if I made her chase me instead? Wouldn’t that be more ideal? So even when I was very much into a girl, I started practicing a few steps to make her try to win me over instead, and it’s worked wonders.

How to Make Her Want You

The first thing I did was not make myself so available. Whenever I started dating someone that I liked, I gave them all my time. I was ready to see them again immediately and at every opportunity. I’m guessing it became smothering. So I started filling up my nights and weekends otherwise with friends and other social activities and made her fight for some time in my schedule. When I was so available, it gave off the vibe that I had nothing else going on in my life. When I was busier, it showed that I was a man whose time was in demand and was a desirable person to be with. Women like a challenge, so make her fight for your time.

Another thing I started doing was a little playful teasing and flirtation. I’m not saying be a jerk, but have a little fun poking fun at her. When she does something cute, say that it was adorable and reminds you of your baby sister (or cousin or whatever). It has the impression of being a compliment, the being cute, but she’ll want to be seen in a more adult, sexy way and jab back to prove that she’s not a baby sister type. If she’s similarly playful, she’ll know that you were joking and throw some fun barbs back at you.

Lastly, I worked on my confidence. Women love a man who carries himself with confidence. They don’t want a wuss. So be measured in your movements, keep note of your body language. Sit up straight and with good posture. Don’t slink in your chair and fidget around. When you move, move with a purpose. If you carry yourself in a more confident way, she will take notice and you will be more desirable to her.

Those are just a few changes that I implemented and I’ve had much more success these days, and am loving having her fight for my time instead of the other way around.

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